Diary Code Lock



  1. Ensure the purse is fully charged before using. We recommend charging overnight for new purses, or if you have not used for an extended period of time.
  2. We recommend charging overnight for new diaries, or if you have not used for an extended period of time. There may also be issues with inputting fingerprint if you have any abrasions, burns, or other injuries and if there is any liquid on your finger. 


  1. Touch switch / working status LED indicator
  2. Fingerprint Locking Tab
  3. Input / output charging ports
  4. Pen Holder 
  5. Card Slots
  6. Document/Cash Holder



How to Input Fingerprints

There can be 2 Administrative fingerprints, then as many more User fingerprints afterwards. 

  1. Place your finger on the sensor area for 3-6 seconds until the blue light turns on, remove finger. Then place the same finger again, until it twinkles green (accepted), repeat this action 5 times as different angles. The sensor light will turn off once completed. If the light twinkled red, it has not been accepted and you will need to adjust your finger. 
  2. To input another Administrative fingerprint, place the first administrative finger on the sensor area until the blue light turn on, then remove & place the second administrative finger on 5 times at different angles. It will twinkle green if accepted, or red if not accepted and move your finger until it twinkles green. 
  3. To input a User fingerprint, firstly place one of the Administrative fingerprints on the sensor for 3-6 seconds till the blue light turns on. Then place the User fingerprint on the sensor area until a green light twinkles; repeat this process 5 times until the blue light twinkles twice. If a red light twinkles, try again. 
  4. For more User fingerprints, repeat step 3 again.

If there are no actions made within 10 seconds, the process will need to be restarted. 

Unlocking Diary with your Fingerprint: 

  1. Place your finger on the sensor, the device will unlock, and the light will turn blue with a success sound. 
  2. If there has been no fingerprint inputted into the device as per the above steps; then any fingerprints will be accepted and the device will unlock. 

How to Delete and Completely Factory Reset:

Press the sensor area with an administrative fingerprint for 6-9 seconds until the red light turns on. Then press the same finger until the light turns green. Delete and factory reset has now been completed. You can then proceed to add the first Administrative fingerprint again.  

Charging the Fingerprint Lock:

When the power is low, you will need to connect a micro USB charging cable with the charging port to the power source. The device will show a red LED light when charging. It usually will take about half an hour to be fully charged. 

Wirelessly Charging your Phone:

First unlock your diary and make sure to turn on the power button at the back of the diary until the blue indicator lights switch on. Close the diary and place your phone on the front of the diary where the symbol is located. You may need to move your phone around the area until it begins to charge. Please note that you may need to remove your phone case if the charging does not begin.



How to Charge the Built in Power bank:

When the power is low, you will need to recharge it by connecting the USB cable to a power source (can include your laptop). 

How to Charge an Android, IOS or TYPE C Mobiles:

Connect your mobile phone with the charging cables that are located in the back of the diary. Make sure to push the power button until blue indicator lights turn on. 


  1. Touch switch / working status LED indicator
  2. Card / Cash holders
  3. Wireless charging pad
  4. Input / Output USB-A charging port
  5. USB-C, Lightning cable, Android cable




Charging the Purse: 

Before you start to use your purse make sure the battery is fully charged by plugging the cable (5) into port (4) using a suitable power source. Minimum of 1A USB power supply required, 2A preferably.The LED indicator (1) will turn blue while charging and will all four indicator lights will go solid once fully charged. The purse will automatically stop charging once full.

Wireless Charge your Phone:

Slide phone into the sleeve on the front of the purse with the wireless symbol on it (with the phone screen facing toward you). Open purse and press the black button below the LED lights to turn on the purse. Move the phone if needed to locate the spot for charging, some phone cases may not allow the phone to be wirelessly charged. If so, remove the phone case and then place into the sleeve. 

Cable Charging your Phone:

Open purse and pull out your charging cable set. Push the button on the left side of the box where the LED indicator lights are. This will pop out the charging port spots. Plug the USB end into the charging port, and plug the other applicable cable into your phone. Once charging the LED indicators will turn on to Blue (and will indicate how much battery is left). 

Appendix A

Fingerprint Lock Diary

Appendix B

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