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Need help with your Hustlaa Diary or Purse?

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions:

If you notice your phone is not charging; remove cables, remove your phone and any other foreign items away from the outer charging surface. Try to then plug in the cables again and turn on the power button and make sure the blue lights have indicated on. Try again to see if your phone is now charging via the cable or wireless pad.

Possible causes:

– Metal objects that are near the wireless charging zones

– Phone cases with metal in them

– Thick phone cases; if in doubt try without the case

– Phones that do not enable non-wireless charging

– Phone that are not suitable for the power supply

If it’s the first time using your purse, or you have not used it for an extended period of time the battery may be completely drained. We recommend allowing your purse to charge overnight. 

If the product is still not charging and you believe it may be faulty, view our Returns Policy and contact us immediately.

The LED battery/charge indicators will illuminate with a blue light and remain on while the phone is charging. The number of light indicators that are on will determine how much battery is left in the diary/purse. 

Follow our Setup instructions for complete step by step guide to charge your phone using the Diary or the Purse. 

You can clean the outside of your purse with a soft, damp cloth or wipe. Do not use abrasive cloths, brushes or liquid detergents / cleaning products as this may damage the PU leather. 

Yes, cease using immediately. Allow the diary or purse to completely dry out. If it has been completely drenched; there may be a possibility that it will no longer work. Test to see if it is still working after a couple of days. 

Blue = Power on   

4 Lights – 75-100% battery left   

3 Lights – 50-75% battery left   

2 Lights – 25-50% battery left   

1 Light – 0-25% battery left

Red = Fault

Please check your phone model specifications

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