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Hustlaa Wireless Phone Charger Purse with inbuilt USB-3 Outlet (Leather, Stainless)

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Introducing the Hustlaa Purse with Built in Phone Charger, a stylish and functional piece of everyday fashion. Crafted in luxurious leather with stainless steel details, this is a purse that’s built to last. It features an integrated wireless charging pad, allowing you to keep your phone fully charged while you’re on the go. And to ensure you never run out of juice, this purse also contains an inbuilt USB outlet complete with cables so you can power up from literally anywhere. With its timeless design and modern amenities, the Hustlaa Purse is ready for any occasion. Stay powered up and looking your best no matter where life takes you!


Purse with Built in Phone Charger - Developed by Professionals

For Professionals

High Quality Materials

This high-quality leather diary is a combination of traditional wallets and modern technology. It is made of premium-quality leather, featuring a sleek and stylish design. In addition to being a robust and stylish purse, it is equipped with advanced technology features such as a built-in rechargeable battery and a wireless charging pad.

All Types of Charger Styles

The wallet is designed to cater to all your charging needs as it features a variety of USB connectors including USB-C, iPhone lighting jack, and micro USB. You can easily and conveniently charge your devices on-the-go without worrying about finding a cable that fits your device. With the ability to interchange between different connector types, this wallet is perfect for those who frequently switch between different devices.

Purse with Built in Phone Charger

Feature Filled

These innovative purses provide advantages such as easily charging phones on-the-go, eliminating the need for additional cables and chargers, and reducing the need for a separate phone case. With these wallets, individuals can stay connected while maintaining their sense of style and organisation.


Time is a priceless commodity that can never be recovered once lost. In the business world, every second counts. With a wireless charging wallet, you can stay connected even while your phone is getting charged. This small investment can provide you with a significant Return on Investment (ROI) as you no longer have to miss crucial communication during the time that your phone is charging.

Purse with Built in Phone

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Stay Charged and Fashionable On-the-Go with the Hustlaa Stylish Leather Wallet Featuring Built-in Phone Charger

Let Technology Make Life Simpler.

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Why we Started Hustlaa?

Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or someone constantly on-the-go, never stop hustling with a portable phone charger wallet. This handy accessory is perfect for those who rely heavily on their phone throughout the day, but find themselves running low on battery life far too quickly. With a portable phone charger wallet, you can keep your phone charged while you’re out and about, so you never miss an important phone call, text message or email. The stylish design of the wallet makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, whether you’re running errands or attending a business meeting. Plus, the added convenience of having your Purse with Built in Phone in one makes it easy to stay organised and prepared for anything. Don’t let a dead phone battery slow you down; stay powered up with a portable phone charger wallet.

As a hustler, the power to stay stylish and connected through technology is absolutely essential. By being able to present yourself in a confident and poised manner, you can make a positive impression and unlock a world of opportunities. With technology at your fingertips, you have access to a wealth of information, potential customers, leads, and business opportunities that can take your hustle to the next level. By using social media, email, messaging apps, and other communication tools, you can stay in touch with clients, collaborators, and potential customers with ease. Technology can also help you manage your workflow and improve productivity, making it easier to stay on top of everything. Remember that putting your best foot forward when it comes to style and technology can help position you as a leader, an influencer, and a trusted authority in your industry.

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